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If you're looking for luxury, Monaco is the place to be. Walk along the streets of the iconic Grand Prix and explore the ancient Prince’s Palace. Sunbathe on Larvotto Beach, be immersed in the Opera de Monte Carlo or indulge in high-end shopping along the Avenue de Monte Carlo.


Experience travel in a whole new light with the Upscape collection - the embodiment of contemporary luxury and comfort. The Upscape Collection is meticulously designed to be both lightweight and durable, allowing you to travel with ease and style. The collection features premium components such as shock-absorbing suspension wheels, TSA locks, and two-way zippers for added security, all while keeping the weight of the luggage to a minimum. Make a statement and embrace effortless travel with Upscape - your perfect travel companion.



For a wine-tasting holiday, go to Mendoza instead of France. Home to over 1,500 wineries, this is where you can stay at one of its luxurious wine hotels and sample some of the world’s finest wines.

If you can stay on your feet, head to Mendoza City to explore the tree-lined streets and gastronomic options. For the adventurous, horse rides and river rafting are also available.

Magnum Eco:

Magnum ECO is a refreshing synergy between lightweight design, bold aesthetics and next-level security technology. Engineered with advanced European precision and made of RECYCLEX™ material technology. Discover your perfect eco travel companion today.



Sun, sand, sea, Seychelles. Here, you can sunbathe or wade in the azure shallows endlessly. But there’s much more to do.

Thriving coral reefs make for spectacular snorkelling. Go island-hopping to explore the nature and landscapes of Curieuse, Cousin and St Pierre. Or take the children to Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to see the giant palms and just possibly the rare black parrot.


The journey to Seychelles can get bumpy. Discover the Proxis collection our highly resilient the outer shells are made from Roxkin™ and are even capable of bouncing back into shape. Perfect for anything Seychelles can throw at you. The sophisticated, self-reinforced design resonates confidence and is built to last while fully equipped to meet your needs when travelling.


New York City,

New York offers some of the most premium experiences you’ll find anywhere. For a few nights of luxury, the Mark Hotel is one of the most exclusive options and even provides a private sailboat on the Hudson River.

Then it’s time for shopping at Bergdorf Goodman which houses almost every elite luxury brand. The New York menu is nothing short of world-class either with celebrity chefs serving up cuisine that will delight and surprise.


The C-Lite collection is an award-winning, iconic silhouette that will ensure an even smoother travel experience. Perfect for turning heads in a swanky hotel but tough enough to survive being hurled into the back of a New York taxicab.